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Dave Long Flight Instructing in the Sting Sport N76TL

Dave and Barbara Flyng from Palomar to Gillespie Field

Flying the Citabria and Interview with Ray Clark and Jess McCormick

Dave Long Flying Commercial Maneuvers for King Schools

My flying career started in about 1962 when I was living in Washington, Indiana and working at the radio station as a disk jockey / announcer.  My program did not start until 6:00 Pm so I had all day to mostly do nothing and there was a lot of nothing to do in Washington.

I was driving around in the country one day before going to work and spotted a sign that said AIRPORT and so I thought that was interesting so I turned in and what happened next changed my live forever.

If you want read the REST OF THE STORY as Paul Harvey commentator used to say on his broadcast, you can click on the link below and read how I became a pilot.